16 Diy Magnets, Help In Organizing And Ensures Freeing Space

There are creative ways of using magnets. They are versatile and DIY magnets are an interesting job. These magnets are used vitally in the bathroom and kitchen and are of immense use to tidy up and organize these most busy areas. Here are some ways to use magnets.

Magnetic Makeup Board: This is a nice way of clearing the cluttering from your bathroom counter. It is ingenious and one must take advantage of this idea. Attaching magnets to the containers of your makeup and buying sheet metals helps as you can hang the sheet metal on the wall or even decorate it with a suitable painting. You can apply fabric and also frame it. Regardless of how you decorate, there will be same effect. You can keep your makeup well organized using diy magnets even off your countertop.

Refrigerator Seasoning Rack: These are of great use to keep your seasoning in easy reach, but in a safe distance. The only problem is that these gorgeous magnetic seasoning racks are expensive. An incredibly, easy cheap solution is to attach magnets to seasoning containers the ones that you are using and stick to your fridge side. You can attach magnets large enough to cheap baskets so that they are easy to hold spices and can be attached to the fridge, besides it stores your containers in the baskets.

Magnetic Knife Rack: De-clutter your kitchen and eliminate the knife block so that you have more counter space. Buying a magnetic knife rack is one of the options, but if you wish to keep it economical, just get magnetic strips coming in rolls and use glue to get desired length of plastic or wood. You can hang it on the kitchen wall or create a new space. Affix fabric to the new made diy magnets strip so that your knives are scratch-free.

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