18 Diy Coat Rack Ideas Are Eye-catching, Versatile And Functional

Build by yourself for DIY includes involving in lots of things and it can be used in your home. A coat rack is one such practical and useful thing to have at home. However, if you have want to make diy coat rack ideas, choose the design, dimensions, shape and solve the storage problem. Here are some ideas for coat rack to choose from or even to take a look.

This is one of the diy coat rack ideas that may be done during a week-end. It is simple to do in your free time. Using your usual hangers you can make it functional, versatile and eye-catching. You may hang the hangers on a wall attached wood piece such that the hangers appear mounted. This is a simple idea, but is equally practical.

Animal theme hangers
Make it appear unusual by adding some animal theme. For this, you require toy animals, scrap wood, glue, a small saw and paint. Begin by painting the scrap wood; gather zoo animals, cut into half. Mix them and arrange on the wood block. Use glue and attach them to the wood scrap, letting them to dry. It will look cute and unique diy coat rack ideas.

A wood pallet makes a wonderful coat rack. However, prior to mounting it on the wall, you may add hooks and paint it. Select several colors and paint a different shade in each section. You will have a beautiful and colorful coat rack to mount on the wall.

Faucet hooks
Use faucets as hooks to work as your coat hanger. You may buy them or make use of the faucets that are already lying around your house and you do not require them. Attach them to a wood piece or any other structure that may serve as the coat rack base.

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