19 Diy Wine Bottle Crafts: Make Art From Emptiness

Old wine bottles can be easily converted into neat, nifty projects as they are one of the most versatile containers available. It depends on how much time and effort one is willing to dedicate. With more effort, the end result would be better.

An empty wine bottle is by itself, a great decoration piece. It can be used as a vase or any other decorative item. Painting or coloring an old wine bottle is a very easy thing to do. This can be done according to a theme or even painted with abstract geometric shapes. One of the most beautiful DIY wine bottle crafts is to add some lace to the bottle. If one manages to give the insides a slight touch of paint, it would enhance its appeal. Stencils are one easy and very effective decoration to old wine bottles. With a really good stencil, even a mediocre design tends to look really impressive. Ribbon wrapping is one among the various possible DIY wine bottle crafts. Essentially, it involves wrapping some ribbon over an empty wine bottle. Some lettering or some glitter can be added to this to make it more attractive.

A person with a keen artistic sense can attempt a decoupage on an old used wine bottle. It can be done according to a person’s taste and as a gift, it is extremely personalized. However easy it may sound, arranging paper cutouts on a wine bottle is no easy task and it requires dedicated effort. Etching is one of the most simple DIY wine bottle crafts. There are numerous possibilities in this regard. A person can draw a picture, a pattern, write a phrase or song lyric, use a stencil or simply even his name and it would not make any difference to how beautiful the end product looks. All this requires is proper planning and clean implementation.

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