20 Diy Wooden Spools Repurposing Ideas, Quick And Simple Work

Old objects are commonly thrown and we make space for new and more functional things to accommodate the space. There are old wooden spools that make the suitable material to create unique projects. Here are few of the diy wooden spools repurposing ideas.

The cable spools are found with electrical wholesalers, electrical contractors or on EBay. They are fun and interesting. They are also easy to be repurposed as a garden wooden table by building it using a cable spool. The cable spools can be used as backyard coffee tables or can be used indoors as side tables. Placing a pallet or some square or round wooden table like piece is enough.

It is very easy to transform a diy wooden spools repurposing into a garden table. For this you have to keep the spool standing upright. The interesting part here is about the spool table decoration. The options include adding a mosaic or a glass top, such that it is suitable for summer and winter. The effort is minimal for this spool project and this is the reason that there is a great demand for the wooden cable spools.

If you appreciate the diy wooden spools repurposing original look, you need not consider giving it a change. But if you consider an alternative, try to varnish or give some bright color paint. In case the cable spool is small, install casters and give it a mobile look.

The wooden spools are sturdy. By placing a soft cushion seat on the spool top, it becomes an ideal stool to sit for your kids and this is enjoyed by children. Moreover, it is eco-friendly. Wooden spools can be used even in the outdoors to sit or place some nice statue over it tall standing. In fact, this will attract more people as a unique idea.

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