Easy Bathroom Mirror Frame Ideas

Easy Bathroom mirror frame ideas  
Are you looking to bring some changes to your bathroom? If this is the case then why don`t you start with your bathroom mirror. You can play a lot with your bathroom mirror to make it look different and beautiful but one of the easiest and stylish option is to frame it. Yes you can frame the bathroom mirror and it will give a beautiful new look. There are many easy bathroom mirror frame ideas that you can find online. If you are interested in DIY activities and looking to bring some improvement to your bathroom then this is the best idea. One such idea is given below for your ease.

Supplies Required
1×3 boards as per your measurements
Miter saw
White paint
Liquid Nails

How to do it

  • First of all you have to measure the vanity mirror. Make your properly measure and note down the width and length of your mirror with the help of miter saw.
  • After measuring the bathroom mirror frame you have to cut down the wood for all four sides.
  • The next step for your bathroom mirror frame idea is to sand the wood. This will allow it be smooth and nice. Once you are done with this then you are required to paint it white.
  • You should remove the mirror clips with the help of Dremel. This makes the frame goes level with the mirror.
  • Now layer out liquid nails on the back side of the board. After this quickly place the board on the mirror.
  • You can put the mirror together by placing its top first and then left side, then goes to bottom and fits the right side at last. When you put all these sides together the frame should fit nice and tight.
  • When you are done with frame fixing you will notice few minor gaps at the meeting end of frame. You can fill these gaps using a layer of caulk.
  • At last you can paint these caulk layers to give a smooth and nice look to your mirror frame.

This is a nice and easy bathroom mirror frame idea that you can easily execute on your own.

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