12 DIY Barn Doors

If you are looking to construct a new door or wanted to replace an existing one, then there are many choices available for you. One of the best options that you have is barn doors. This is modern and latest style of doors that become popular among people. The advantage of this kind of door is that you can easily construct it on your own, if you have little know how about how to use the tools. You can construct the door of different size as per your requirement. If you haven`t constructed a barn door before than the right thing is to take help from the online sources. From here you will easily get to know about which material you require and what steps you should follow for proper construction of barn door.

Normally a door has a standard size of 3’x7’, and it is also most commonly used in houses. To construct such door you will require two vertical pieces of identical size for right and left side of door. These pieces are commonly known as stiles. To lock on to vertical stiles there are two horizontal pieces of wood at top and bottom, which is known as rail. There will be two more horizontal rails, one that is near the top and other near the handle or door knob. The rail near center is known as lock rail and the other one on top is called as cross rail or intermediate. The vertical center of the door is known as mullions. These run together with the stiles and locked down in horizontal rails just like stiles.

If you able to fix all these together nicely then you don`t require to hire the services of carpenter but if you are not sure then you must ask for help other than wasting material and time.

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